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Computer Weather Forecasting − Webinar

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Learn about modern weather forecasting and the giant computer models that are the basis of forecasting. After providing some historical context, the webinar gets right to the foundation of the modern forecasting process – the giant computer models that are the basis for all professionally produced weather predictions.

Most importantly for boaters, the webinar describes the types of forecasts, GRIDS and GRIBS, that these models have made possible, their strengths and weaknesses, how to get them at no cost anywhere in the world, and how to use them in electronic chart plotting.

Well-researched and expertly presented, the topics covered include:

  • A Brief History of Weather Forecasting;
  •  Numerical Weather Prediction
  •  NWS Gridded Forecasts
  •  GRIB Forecasts
  • OpenCPN Weather Chart Overlays

Digging deeper than most weather topics, this webinar contains some advanced material. If you are looking for just the fundamentals of weather, America’s Boating Club interactive online seminar Weather for Boaters may be for you.

An America's Boating Club® Webinar.
Originally broadcast: 11/15/2016
Duration: 1 hr 56m

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