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All About Marine Radio

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Know how to use your VHF marine radio. You’ll need it in an emergency and for important ship-to-ship communications.

Marine radios provide boaters the best and most reliable communication on the water. Marine radios have many advantages over cell phones, especially in an emergency. Learn about the digital selective calling (DSC) rescue feature as well as everyday uses such as to secure a marina slip, call for bridge openings and much more. You'll also get tips on purchasing and installing VHF to get the most out of your investment.

What's included?

  • How VHF radios work and their controls
  • Using the correct channels
  • Advanced methods of communication
  • How digital selective calling (DSC) equipped radios work and their controls

Stay Connected on the Water

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Benjamn Crosby Byers

Succinct & comprehensive coverage of VHF fundamentals.

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John Barry

Very good course!

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Jon Brown

Very well made course with excellent examples. The format is well done and I really like that I can go back and re-watch sections whenever I need a refresh.