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Boating with Confidence: Handling Your Boat Underway − Seminar

On Demand
Boating with Confidence is offered as a seminar and as part of the Boat Handling course.

Boat handling has been designed to acquaint you with general boat-handling situations and teach you skills to handle your boat in various conditions. You'll gain confidence about basic operations; trimming your boat; operating on plane; handling seas and waves; dealing with bars, rivers, rivers, and bends; and other situations you will encounter along your cruise. And you'll have a better understanding about issues you can control, issues that the environment will present, and how to use and tie the two knots mariners most often use: the sheet bend and the bowline.

This self-study seminar consists of a comprehensive 44-page PDF Student Guide and a fully narrated online learning module which present like classroom PowerPoint presentations but give the student total control of the pace and sequence of the slides.

Ask your local squadron about on-the-water coaching to help you practice your at-sea boat-handling skills until you feel fully confident handling your boat under way.

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Samuel Kwok

Great course! I've learned a lot.