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Confidence in Docking and Undocking: Slow-Speed Maneuvering − Seminar

On Demand
Confidence in Docking and Undocking is offered as a seminar and as part of the Boat Handling course.

Docking can be one of the most stressful tasks you can perform, especially if you are a new boater. Closely related as a source of anxiety is maintaining control of your boat at slow speed in close proximity to other boats and fixed objects. With the knowledge you'll gain in this seminar, coupled with your on-the-water practice, your confidence in docking and slow-speed maneuvering will increase and your boating will be both safer and more enjoyable.

This self-study seminar consists of a comprehensive 36-page PDF Student Guide and a fully narrated online learning module which present like classroom PowerPoint presentations but give the student total control of the pace and sequence of the slides.

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Samuel Kwok

A nice learning tool for for beginner to intermediate boaters.