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Emergencies Onboard: Preparation for Handling Common Problems − Seminar

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Emergencies on Board is offered as a seminar and as part of the Boat Handling course.

Prevention and preparation make all the difference.  This seminar has been designed to prepare you to handle common emergencies that can happen when you are away from the dock... whether you venture out for the day or are leaving on a longer cruise.  You will learn how to deal with them as they occur and especially when the skipper is unable to respond.

Upon completion of this seminar, you will have gained an understanding of: the most common types of vessel emergencies and how to deal with them, medical emergencies and how to be prepared for them and the various ways, when you need help, to communicate your problem to others.

This self-study seminar consists of a comprehensive 50-page PDF Student Guide and a fully narrated online learning module which present like classroom PowerPoint presentations but give the student total control of the pace and sequence of the slides.

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Samuel Kwok

Good coverage of necessary information for the boater.

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Richard Soleau

Well done.