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America's Boating Club On-line Boating Education

America’s Boating Club provides three distinct types of online boating education

Virtual classroom courses and seminars - presented as if the student were in a classroom. A comprehensive student guide in PDF format supported by a narrated slide presentation. In the case of our Boat Handling Course, an online exam and if passed, course credit for our members. This site,, is the home for these courses and seminars.

Interactive online seminars – These interactive offerings are fully redeveloped versions of America’s Boating Club’s seminars with the student interacting on various screens to reinforce learning. The student also has complete control over navigating through the content so any screens can be viewed any time as the student wishes. Beginning in August 2021, these are also sold at this site,

America’s Boating Course Online – Extensive course preparing student to get state boating card and start having fun on the water. Available in Spanish and English. Includes comprehensive, full-color, downloadable, 288-page course book also available in Spanish or English.  It can be found by clicking on the blue tile at