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Questions or problems?

Contact the USPSonline team via email at for assistance with all store and course related questions and/or issues.


1. My purchase appears to be stuck on processing. What do I do?

It can take up to 10 minutes for the purchase and setup process to complete. Try refreshing the page after a few minutes and the "processing" will change to a "Launch" button when the setup is complete.

2. I am an America’s Boating Club member and I passed Boat Handling Course  exam, how can I see that I’ve been credited with the completion?

Provided you entered your Americas Boating Club (USPS) member number  when you registered on this system, you will receive credit for  completion of the Boat Handling course if you pass the exam. As with  America’s Boating Club classroom courses you can view your completions  in your record in the Member area of After you  log in, click on the blue “manage profile” button on the right. Then  click “show training history.” There will be a delay between when you  pass the exam and the course completion is posted. This could take as  long as two weeks.

3. I had a problem completing the Boat Handling exam. What do I do? 

Once you start the exam, your single attempt is considered used. If you are interrupted for any reason, such as computer freezing, network outage etc., you will be unable to restart the exam and will receive the message "You have reached the maximum number of attempts". In order to regain access to the exam, please send an email to detailing the issue. Be sure to include the date and approximate time the problem occurred. The course administrator may contact you for additional information.

4. Can I get a completion certificate for successfully completing the the Boat Handling Course?

Course completion certificates are emailed to students upon completion (effective 8/6/20). You can also download your completion certificate from the "My Courses" page. Just click on the plus icon to the left of "Boat Handling - Course" to expand the course details view. The download icon is the heavy black arrow to the right of the course completion date (See image below).